Portals, Virtual Learning Environments, Learning Platforms, Content Management Systems, Learning Management Systems, e-Learning, e-books, What a Minefield!! If the terminology is hard enough, imagine trying to get a school on board with the use and support of online systems for learning.

Some of the consultation work that I offer includes the following:

  • Presenting the key players in the region and giving a clear overview of the pros and cons of each.
  • Deciding on the staging of a system for a school implementation.
  • Determining the needs of a school when it comes to putting in a system.
  • Designing and creating new modules for a system to be customised to a school's needs.
  • Working with a school and a vendor to ensure the successful take up of the new system.
  • Working with the SMT of the school to refine customization requirements for a system.
  • Conducting staff training on the new system for the school.

Some resources:

BECTA's Learning Platform overview docs.
Proposal Documents for schools for learning platforms (by request)
Link to the ICTPD moodle. (My password reminder user same as ASC, pass: low sec)
Bryn has also created a Moodler's guide to atomic learning course which appears to be open.
Darren Kuropatwa, Canadian Maths teacher has an excellent post on setting up Blogs for his courses.

Information received March '09:
One of the most interesting recent developments has been the announcement of the integration of Google mail and docs into Moodle.
This means a single sign on to Moodle provides access to Google mail, chat, video, docs, spreadsheets and presentations and whatever else Google develop. Looks like a very comprehensive learning and communications platform. It's available now for early adopters.