Here are the notes and the slides for the workshop on using Podcasting for English conducted for the EDB of Hong Kong.

Workshop 5: Podcasting as a means to improve spoken English

Year Level: Key stage 2,3 (Year 3-10).
Workshop Length: Full Day

Workshop Objectives:

· To investigate the place of podcasting as a means of getting children to speak in English for a real audience.
· To learn, Plan, Perform, Prepare, Publish and Promote as the 5 P’s of podcasting and examine the importance of all of these in the process.
· To compare the use of separate tools to carry out each of the P’s above to an integrated solution for doing the whole 5 in the one application.
· To use an integrated solution, Podium, to create a podcast and publish to a server for later retrieval.

Workshop Outline:

This workshop will introduce teachers to the production of podcasts as a way to get students involved in creating audio recordings for an audience. It will provide teachers with a framework for ensuring that the activity is structured and results in well prepared podcasts that are received by all as being of high quality and reflecting “best work”.
Teachers will have the opportunity to Use the 5 P’s themselves to construct their own podcast which can be published to a server for access after the workshop.
Some of the equipment that may be necessary to record podcasts with your children will be demonstrated so that participants are clear about what is absolutely necessary and what is desirable.
Educational Podcasting
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Ideas for using Podcasting in schools.

Here is another presentation that I have used with some schools.

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Here is a very handy advice sheet about purchasing digital voice recorders. This is something that I was tasked with recently and needed to do a lot of research.

This handy PDF info sheet gives a great overview of podcasting, especially for primary students. It was published in December of 2008.

Joe Dale's excellent Integrating ICT for Modern foreign languages blog has some excellent resources for podcasting.