These are some notes from Electronic Whiteboard workshops I have conducted for various agencies:

Here are some notes on planning lessons for IWB classes.

Here are some others on the pedagogy of IWB lessons.

Below is a presentation that I sometimes use in training:

The Iwb And Classroom Practice
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Some more rich content, quoting research in this Keynote Speech by Trudy Sweeney, School of Education at Flinders University Achieving Digital Take-off and Keeping Your Mission on Target
Here is an accompanying PDF document of the framework for schools looking to move teachers ahead in the use of IWBs.

An interesting article from SMART Tech reporting on BECTA research into IWBs in the UK.

More research by Bridget Somekh about IWB use in the UK.

Here is a video on a recent workshop I did for a professional development day at a HK International School