Here is some of the material covered in the Google workshop at Hong Kong University:


Google Docs
Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Sites

Helpful Google Educator sites:

Google for Educators Discussion Group

Google Apps for Educators

Google Docs blog

Google Maps and Earth blog

"Docs and Spreadsheets in Plain English" - YouTube video:
Testimonial video from teachers and principals in the U.S.:

Google Sites:

Unofficial resources on Google Docs and Spreadsheets created by other users(The content listed here is not created by Google)
Google Docs for teachers:

How to build forms/surveys:

Tom Barrett has some excellent practical examples on his blog ICT in my Classroom
(You may have to search for them.)
He also has a fabulous presentation on Ways and Tips for using Google Earth in the Classroom.

Here is a direct link to the Google Tools postings of a Google Certified Teacher from the US.