School Type: Aided

This type of school may be associated with a religion or charitable group but the funding of the school is Aided by grants from the Government of the Hong Kong SAR.

[St. Joan of Arc Secondary School]]
When I joined this school several years ago, it was an EMI-school and so teaching English to boys in this school was somehow fun since they were responsive and they were receptive to experimental ways of teaching. Somehow as time passes after it has changed to a CMI school, the whole situation changes. Teaching English in this school is catastrophic - boys see English as an alien sujbect since they are all using Chinese in other subjects and they see no use in using this language. Moreover, when the school administrator is trying to set up an environment conducive to the teaching of English, teachers of other subjects are just not working for the same ends - this is understandable since they have their targets (the passing rate and credit rate) to meet. What can we expect them to do? Worst, the English Department is jinxed. All teachers are lukewarm and no really have no high hopes on their studetns and even their own career development.

Can you tell me where my aspiration and my job achievement are?
55 Braemar Hill Road, North Point, Hong Kong

St. Joan of Arc Secondary School